Our Story

The Story of Black Fly Guard®

The Black Fly Guard® Story begins in 2016 when we were enjoying a beautiful summer weekend at our cabin on Webb Lake, Wisconsin.

I was sitting on the beach about to swim when I realized that the black flies were buzzing and biting. I sprayed my ankles and got relief for about a minute. I sprayed again and looked at my watch. They were back in less than a minute. I sprayed again, soaking my ankles. Again, in less than a minute, they were back and biting! I gave up and went inside. What good is a cabin on the lake surrounded by beautiful scenery if you cannot enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

Well, our family had gone through an earlier crisis at the cabin when suddenly our grandchildren were getting swimmer’s itch. Again, what good is a cabin on the lake if you cannot go into the water? Our family solved that problem by introducing Swimmer’s Itch Guard® in 2010. So, for the last 12 summers, our family and thousands of other families have been able to enjoy the water again.

Back to the Black Fly Guard® story; Our family has been testing Black Fly Guard® since 2016. We apply it in the morning and if we do not go in the water, we have protection all day. Black flies, deer flies, horse flies, gnats, and all kinds of flies do not bite from morning to evening when applied properly. Those who love the outdoors, whether it is camping, hiking, biking, fishing, boating, walking, or just sitting, Black Fly Guard® keeps you protected. Put it on in the morning and enjoy your day - all day with family and friends on those beautiful summer days.