Black Fly protection at the beach

Black Fly Guard® Frequently Asked Questions

Black Fly Guard® directions: For children 2 years and older and adults; Apply sunscreen first, especially spray-on sunscreens which contain alcohol; alcohol removes Black Fly Guard®. If a spray-on sunscreen is reapplied, then our product must be reapplied too. Pump a small amount into a cupped hand and rub the hands with fingers together and then apply liberally and evenly to face, ears, and neck. Spray directly on arms, legs, and all other exposed skin using hands to apply liberally, and evenly. Don’t forget all the crevices in the ears. Mosquitoes, gnats, and no-see-ums can find the smallest spot of untreated skin. Reapply immediately to any area that is being bitten; that is the area that was missed or misapplied.

Is Black Fly Guard® Safe for adults and children?

Yes, if you or your child does not have an allergy to one or more of our ingredients. For those with allergies, please check our ingredients carefully and consult with your physician before using.

What is the shelf life of Black Fly Guard®?

The shelf life of Black Fly Guard® is 7 years. The expiration date is stamped on each bottle month/day/year. For example 0315 2029 is March 15, 2029.

May I store Black Fly Guard® in an unheated area during the winter?

Yes. Black Fly Guard® may be stored in an unheated area since it will not freeze but please keep the spray top on tight and the bottle out of direct sunlight.